Staging I.G. Farben Building
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ROUNDUP READY PEOPLE | Lecture peformance
By Elinor Hasselberg

A lecture performance about on-going experiments on rats by Bayer for gene editing protection against adverse effects of glyphosate for humans. The talk describes the work by Bayer-owned Mammoth Biosciences and their work on a product called Roundup Ready People using CRISPR genome purification technology.

By Hannaleena Hauru & S. C. Lee-Jeong

The new and improved university store of Goethe University opens on campus named after the famed philosopher Teddie Adorno, the original #frankfurterbub of #diefrankfurterschule. Welcome to the opening day full of exciting products, fun activities, and Adorno teddy bears! In addition, there will be a chance to win free giveaways for those who go above and beyond to show their #schoolspirit at #adornoplatz at #goetheuni in #FFM on Instagram.
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By Ann-Kathrin Pfahler

An installation about the influence of the new generation of chemical companies and their effects on human health and the environment. Starting with the liquidation of the IG Farben association, the history of former IG Farben companies like Bayer, Sanofi or BASF will be mapped out. In the light of their history, their current practices and new forms of chemical control get addressed.
Hosted by Elinor Hasselberg & Ann-Kathrin Pfahler

Screening of the film Better Science made by Jorge Loureiro and Walter Solon (2021, 20’) followed by a Q&A and a panel discussion with a small group of experts. The experimental documentary film sheds new light on the relationship between the German agrochemical giant Bayer and its Nazi past as the chemical conglomerate IG Farben.
FENCES OF MEMORY | Intervention
By Sara Gabor, Mira Gebhardt & Christian Grall

Tens of thousands of people were murdered in the Auschwitz III concentration camp (also known as Auschwitz-Monowitz or Buna camp) run by the I.G. Farben corporation from their headquarter in Frankfurt. Using the tools of street art we will cover the fences surrounding this historical building with the names of its victims.

GHOSTS OF GUILT | Performance
By Vera Boitcova

The performance is based on the story of Clara Immerwahr, the wife of Fritz Haber, a chemist, who was responsible for implementation of poison gas in the First World War. It is speculated that Clara, also chemist herself, committed suicide as an act of protest against her husband’s research and use of chemical warfare. Clara’s story interwoven with Vera Boitcova’s personal story as an anti-military political activist in Russia for a long time before the attack on Ukraine.
PRINTING ABRAMS| Installation + Reading
By Jean Maurer

The information received by different sources led to the conclusion that any further progress in this project could only be achieved if the group mimics the operational procedures of the targeted organizations. So the group needed to go clandestine. Decisions were made to establish the base as close to the objective as possible. As soon as soon as a leak was inflicted to the network information came flooding in almost destroying the installed receivers. To counter the overflow of information human resources had to be recruited which turned out to be problematic. Among the data on the NSA, the CIA and the IG-Farben cartel, new raw material was found. The personal was not properly trained to process that kind of information. Madness followed which put the project on hold.
TRACES | Performance
By Christy Poinsettia Ma

A performative movement journey from the IG Farben building towards the Alzheimer Memorial, researching the embodiment of shame with references to Christy’s experience on skin colour, social denigration and labels.
As the journey continues, together we witness and question the traces of memories and how it becomes forgotten.
By Mira Gebhardt

The corridors of the IG Farben building are long. The paths are determined by a destination: the library, the seminar room or the secretary's office. Glances in the corridors are fleeting, busy - one shies away from spending time in these corridors even though the view over the city from the 6th floor would invite one to do so. Music can invite you to linger. To rediscover the corridors through the sound that echoes through the corridors from different places. Music that was once composed by Jewish composers and then banned and finally forgotten. Against the forgetting of this music, students play in the darkness of the evening the melodies from Henriëtte Bosmans, Maria Herz, Viktor Ullmann and Ilse Weber. Interweaving the history of the building with the IG-Farben corporation and its role in National Socialism, the music can occupy those spaces that were entered by Jewish employees before the seizure of power.
RATTENKÖNIG | Performative Intervention
By Sara Gabor & Helga Lázár

Once upon a time 7 small rats were born in the dark basement of a huge building. When the baby rats first tried to leave their hole, they realised that they cannot move separately because they got stuck together by their tails. At first it was extremely difficult because they had to learn how to coordinate everything together, but after a while they realised the power in their union. Combining performance, installation, puppeteering and lecture, the creators bring the phantastic and tragic evolution of the Rattenkönig to life that can be considered as an alternative history from a rat-perspective.